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A selection of Leipzig websites


The City of Leipzig - www.leipzig.de
Homepage of the City of Leipzig. ‘Business Lounge’ offers information on the subject of economy, ‘TouristService’ informs about current events and cultural highlights of the city.

Leipziger Freiheit - www.leipziger-freiheit.de
This image campaign named ‘Leipzig Freedom’ shows the city’s vibrant life in different areas ...

Leipzig Erleben GmbH - www.leipzig-erleben.com
Guided tours, more than 30 theme tours and trips to the surroundings


Kreuzer – das Leipziger Stadtmagazin - www.kreuzer-leipzig.de
Issues currently discussed in Leipzig on Leipzig, cultural events, parties in town – if you are interested in these, visit the Leipzig city magazine ‘Kreuzer’.

Oper Leipzig - www.oper-leipzig.de
The opera tradition in Leipzig ranks among the oldest in Europe. It was in 1693 when the first Leipzig opera house was founded – it was also the third public opera house after Venice and Hamburg.

Gewandhaus zu Leipzig - www.gewandhaus.de
The roots of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra date back to the 15th century. Its present venue was built in 1981 and is renowned for its excellent acoustics.

Krystallpalast Variete - www.krystallpalastvariete.de
Come and become enchanted by an exciting mix of world-class artistry, music, singing and humour.

Schauspiel Leipzig - www.schauspiel-leipzig.de
It is the 50th anniversary in 2007 of the re-opening of the Leipzig Theatre and on this occasion it offers a rich repertoire.

Museums and Exhibitions

Panometer Leipzig - www.asisi-factory.de
Visit the Panometer Leipzig to see the temples and palaces of the ancient Romans in all their glory.

Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig - www.mdbk.de
The city’s collection of more than 3000 paintings draws up an individual picture of 600 years of art development in Europe.

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig - www.hdg.de
This museum in the inner city serves to remind of opposition, resistance and personal courage on the backdrop of the division of Germany.


Promenaden Hauptbahnhof - www.promenaden-hauptbahnhof-leipzig.de
The largest terminal station of Europe houses 142 shops on 3 levels, focussing on consumer electronics, fashion, gifts, food, as well as comprehensive services.


Flughafen Leipzig-Halle - www.leipzig.aero
The website of Leipzig-Halle Airport provides information on flights to and from Leipzig and a survey on the latest current flight information.