Leipzig will win your heart

Welcome to a vibrant metropolis with an unmistakable atmosphere.

Leipzig is unmistakable. There is hardly another town that features a similarly unique host of  buildings from the Gruenderzeit (period of rapid development at the end of the 19th century), classified as historical monuments.

As a city of music Leipzig is associated with renowned composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach or Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy. Exclusive cultural delight can be found with the Gewandhaus, Europe’s oldest bourgeois concert orchestra and the embodiment of Leipzig for 250 years. The same is true for the Thomanerchor or the Opera, second oldest German musical stage with a tradition of more than 300 years.

The cultural and urban life of the city, however, is multi-layered. There is also a manifold and vibrant variety, theatre and off-theatre scene. At night, numerous bars, cafés, pubs, discotheques and night clubs will come to life in Leipzig, the city without closing time.

In addition to its cultural importance, the renowned trading metropolis of Leipzig has also evolved into a symbol of economical rise and future-oriented technologies. Well-known industrial and service businesses, including DHL, BMW and Porsche, have been attracted to the city and established sites during the past few years, and so have organizations such as the Fraunhofer-Institut or the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

Leipzig has an excellent infrastructure: Comprehensive investments have been used to make sure the city can be reached comfortably from home and abroad via motorway (A 9, A 14, A 38), airport and railway.

But its citizens are the strongest argument in favour of Leipzig: Come and enjoy overflowing cordiality!