Auerbachs Keller

There is a small group of restaurants which have been well-known for centuries – Auerbachs Keller is one of them. In 1525 the doctor and university professor Heinrich Stromer from Auerbach poured out wine for students for the first time in the cellar vault. His great-grandson Johann Vetzer had two murals painted in 1625 which show the legendary ride on the wine cask and placed them in the cellar vault. Later Johann Wolfgang Goethe saw them and got the inspiration to write the “Dr. Faustus” drama. It made the former students' pub world-famous. The menus include good home Saxon cooking in the “Grosser Keller”. Greatest importance is put on the wines. Among the 200 selections for the delight of connoisseurs is an excellent assortment of Saxon wines. The “Historische Weinstuben” includes the “Goethe Room”, the “Luther Room”, the guest room “Alt Leipzig” and the notorious “Fasskeller”. All these historical wine vaults have been fabulously restored. These rooms could be booked exclusively from 20 persons for special events, such as weddings, birthdays or company celebrations.

Auerbachs Keller is situated in the Mädler-Passage in the old city centre, near by the marketplace.


  • Total Capacity: 1030,14 qm, 760 persons
  • Großer Keller: 593,30, 500 persons
  • historic wine romms: 253,7 qm, 160 person
  • Other: 41 qm to 98,6 qm, 50 persons
  • overhead projector, screen, flip chart